Carly’s P.E. Certificates



Minute Running Club Mini-Certificates - $3.00-These certificates were created to send home with students if they accomplished the “Minute Running Club”.  The Minute Running Club is a warm-up activity to work on endurance, and motivate students to run or jog without stopping to walk.  This download includes 5 pages of mini-certificates and 1 directions page.  Mini-certificates include 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Minute Running Clubs with four certificates per page.


Mile Running Club Mini-Certificates - $2.00- These certificates were created to send home with students if they accomplished the 1/4 mile run, 1/2 mile run and 1 mile run.  The download includes 3 pages of mini-certificates and 1 directions page.  Each category of certificate (1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and 1 mile) has 4 mini-certificates per page to save money on paper.  I suggest printing certificates on different colored paper to make them appealing to kids!  A line to write student’s names and times are available on each certificate.


Hula Hoop Mini-Certificates – $2.00-This download contains 5 documents.  One directions page and 4 certificate pages with four certificates per page.  The directions page gives ideas of how to conduct hula-hoop competitions in P.E. class.  The certificates are as listed: Hula Hoop King (Endurance Challenge), Hula Hoop Queen (Endurance Challenge), Hula Hoop King (Tricks), Hula-Hoop Queen (Tricks).


Sparkle Note Mini-Certificates – $1.00- Sparkle notes are a great way to give recognition to students who are doing a great job in P.E. class.   They are also an easy, effective way to communicate with parents.  This document prints 4 Sparkle Notes per page.  They are generic "great job" notes that have a space for you to write the student s name, and fill in the skill or behavior they are doing a great job with.  There is also a line to sign your name (the teacher giving the certificate).


Capture the Flag Mini-Certificates - $1.00-This document prints 4 mini-certificates per page.  They are a quick and convenient way to recognize any student who captures a flag while playing the game “Capture the Flag”.  There is a line to write the students name.  Print on colorful paper to make them look cool!


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